Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Are You All Tired?

What a fantastic weekend!
Everywhere I looked people were sparking with the energy of new learning, new connections and new collaborations.

Our presenters were impressed with your energy and enthusiasm. And we were impressed with the depth and breadth of our presenter’s workshops. We are so pleased that many of them were able to stay and enjoy the whole conference with us.

Chris Else has made his Contract workshop available so we can email that to you.
Sue Copsey also has made her E-Publishing workshop available.
Just drop us an email at Tinderbox if you want them.

Once again a huge Thank You to you all for making the weekend go so well, from the Sparks Teams that were a high energy fireworks display on Friday ... to the sustained rocket launch that was Sunday.

The Illustrators had a magnificent day on Monday getting to grips with new media while the Writers had a drooling session in the National Library. Research never looked so good!
You can drop in on our Face Book page to see pictures... or email us some to put on here.

Maureen... for the Tired but very Happy Tinderbox team!

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